In USA Dagnija continued developing her style as she had started in Okinawa - emphasis being on the abstract language of strong forms and colors. Her subject was the modern American life around her. She painted markets, beaches, even the celebrities that were so popular in the sixties. Canvases became larger to accomodate the life-sized figures.


“The color relationships creating a vibrancy is one of the essential achievements of Dagnija’s art.”

(E. Sturma, art critic, 1981)


Women and women's place in society was a frequent theme. The “Miss America 1922” (1969) and “Target Queen” (1980) (after seing a Clint Eastwood movie) relate to feminism and Dagnija's personal observations, as do many of her themes. Being uncompromisingly independent, Dagnija always painted what and how she had to. A refugee and immigrant herself, she painted “Immigrants” (1969), "Vietnamese refugees" (1976) and "Afghan refugees" (1980) with whom she identified.


“Her style not fitting into any of the going trends, yet in its essence it relates to the spirit of the last 2 decades.”

(E. Sturma, art critic, 1981)

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