Dagnija is, and always has been, an independent artist - of her time, but not following any of the going trends and movements. She always painted how
and what she had to. Based on her early experience of abstract expressionism, in the 60's and 70's she developed her personal figurative style of strong forms and vibrant colors - works about society, her experience as a refugee and immigrant, a woman and mother raising two sons by herself. She, also,
painted political themes such as "
The Dictator" and "Martyrs".

In 1982, from visualizing a white cow guarding over a sleeping woman, the
12 painting symbolic "
Woman and Cow" series evolved (1982-85, before cows became popular). The Freedom movement in the Baltic states brought about the concentric "Ancestor Lakes", alternating with the "Martyrs" (1990's).

In 2001, moving to Latvia (one of the "greenest" countries in Europe), Dagnija immersed herself in Nature and the Universe as a Creative Force.

Photo by L. Zurgina, 2008

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