Okinawa period

In 1961 Dagnija with her U.S. army husband lived in an Okinawan village. She was fascinated by the exotic landscape and the people, who carried large baskets and even piles of firewood on their heads. As a committed abstract expressionist, having abandoned any figurative tradition, she painted the figures as large abstract shapes and used color as freely and boldly as she would in an abstract painting. What she started in Okinawa later became the basis of her personal figurative style.


Back in the United States in 1963 Dagnija’s first son was born and she was inspired to do several paintings of children. One was of Taro, the Okinawan boy. To this painting she glued some real U.S. army and Japanese paraphernalia, etc. Also, in the “Child with a Magic Box and Dog named James Joyce”, collage elements are used. (In a way, these paintings are the beginning of her textile collage.)

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