Woman and Cow Series (1982-1985)

Feeling detached from a mostly consumer society, in 1982, Dagnija painted a white cow guarding over a sleeping woman. By 1985 (when cows were not yet popular and seen in the streets of New York), the Woman and Cow series had grown in a 12-painting cycle.


“Here is your weariness, your blood, your pain, your peace, your spring, your night, your child, your loneliness, your faith and your death.”

(Liana Langa, poet)


“The impact of the symbolic language of the paintings does not leave the viewer indifferent, each finding their interpretation, will discover and feel the eternal rhythms of nature and those of our lives, as well as the artist’s - the original creators - lonely place in society.”

(E. Sturma, art critic)


“Since I first saw 2 paintings of Dagnija’s ”Woman and Cow” series, I have been fascinated by her art. This symbolic twelve painting cycle is unique in the history of world’s art. It reaches into the very depths of woman’s being.”

(E. Valpeters, artist, author)


Dagnija won her second New Jersey State Council on the Arts fellowship in painting for the “Woman and Cow” series.

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