“Paintings of Women” (at Fair Lawn Library Gallery, 1981)

“... all ages, all situations, from dramatic seriousness to colorful playfulness. Women have always been the important core in the artist’s thoughts and feelings. Already in the earliest paintings we can see the crystallizing of her personal style - the life-sized figures painted in bold forms outlined by contrasting colors.”

(E. Sturma, art critic)


As a woman and a mother, Dagnija to identifies with all kinds of women - from a mother and a child in an "Earth Day" demonstration to a mother with her children in the playground ("Swings").


Her life experiences are reflected in her art. As for instance, the pain she had to experience is reflected in "Falling" and "The White Line", also in the painting "Relatives".


“Dagnija is preoccupied by artistic, as well as, human problems.”

(E. Sturma, art critic)

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